2018 Club Regatta – what a day!

Club Regatta tries out new format

Saturday saw the Club Regatta launched in the new, much anticipated, pro-am format.

The rules were simple – each boat required at least one sailor at the start of their sailing journey.  Qualification for the event would be decided by the OOD and no appeals against his decision would be successful!

As a result of the format, the day saw 21 new sailing combinations heading to the water. Whilst four crews decided to stick to their tried and tested sailing combinations.  The event was two races with both to count.

Challenging conditions and interesting sailing

The wind was up – with gusts registering at the top end of 20’s during the second race, so the racing was lively.  The challenging conditions didn’t however stop many of the boats taking a drink with the OOD and his team as they made their way up the beat.

Notably stylish was Simon Forbes (sailing with Chris Tayler) who collected his libation whilst flat wiring in the Fireball through the Gate.

Outstandingly unstylish was Pete Gray, who having missed the watering station abandoned his ‘am’ helm, Cathy Yallop. He then detoured  for a drink on the committee boat before retuning to his boat to finish the race.

Whilst all the drama unfolded at the watering station, Tom Foskett and his crew, Hannah Minas, diligently tackled the course.  Whilst technically the ‘am’ should have been helming, Tom had been granted a dispensation to helm – the 25 knot gusts and the fact that Hannah had never been in a sailing dinghy before deemed worthy of rule relaxation by the OOD.

And the results …

At the end of a fantastic day of sailing in champagne conditions the result were in.  Disqualifications for Lawrence Hayward and Wendy Gray in their RS200 and Neil Clingan in his Laser for being insufficiently amateur meant that the event winners were Tom Foskett and Hannah Minas in their Laser 2000.  Second place went to Jenny Batson sailing a Laser, with Dom Hewitt assisted by Andy Foskett in another Laser 2000 taking third.

Victory speech!

For those coming off the water who thought the entertainment was over – it wasn’t.  The victory speech by Hannah was unique and amusing.   It somewhat lacked the customary humility and etiquette.  There was no thanking the OOD and his team for great courses, the safety for the safety, the galley for the galley etc. etc.  Instead – thanks went to herself and her flying instructor – who unfortunately could not be present today!!  You know….if I’d never been in a boat before and had just won a great regatta, I think I’d get carried away too!

A huge thank you

A great club event that will definitely be in the calendar next year.  Thanks to everyone for making it a success – the ams, the pros and the race team both on and off the water.


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