Memorial Cup

25th October Commodore and Buckley

Commodore and Buckley for all abilities

Coming up on 25th October we have the ever popular Commodore and Buckley. This event is a special race day suitable for all club sailors of all ages and abilities, from the seasoned racer to those who are relatively new to racing. Don’t forget if you don’t want to race, cruising is also available – just let the OOD to avoid confusion when scoring the races.


The first race will be no earlier than 11:30 a.m. There will be three races with two to count.

Commodore and Buckley, PY rating 

PY rating will define which trophy boats compete for:-

Boats with a PY of 1100 or lower compete for the Commodore Trophy.

Boats with a PY of greater than 1100 compete for the Buckley Trophy.

2019 winners

Previous winners were (drum roll). For the Commodore Trophy,Peter Gray/ Rachael Rhodes have now won for two consecutive years, will they make it a third? The duo won in a Merlin Rocket in 2019 and a Scorpion in 2018. The Buckley Trophy saw Grahame Watts/ Helen Jacks (Miracle) take home the trophy in 2019, with Nigel/Rich Pepperdine (GP14) winning in 2018. Who will take home the trophies this year …?

Special prizes

In addition to the major trophies there will be special prizes for our youth and junior sailors. So come along and enjoy a very special day of racing.

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