Adult Improver

A great way to improve your sailing and give you a gentle introduction to club racing

better boat handling skills

For adult improver members, we offer a range of opportunities to improve skills and to get the best out of their boating activity in a relaxed and informal environment.


Flat is Fast!

These sessions provide an opportunity to sail with a group of recently qualified, lapsed or improver sailors.

The sessions are tailored to attendees but expect to pick up some better boat handling skills, learn how to use a spinnaker or obtain a gentle introduction to racing. And of course, to get to know more of the membership!

More Detail:

"When, where and how much?"

The only cost is boat hire, if needed,

To view dates and to book your place simply click here. If your plans change just return to the Poll and amend your choices. Please contact Paul Munro if you encounter any issues.

We also expect to be able to offer members ad-hoc opportunities via our fleet captains – keep an eye out on your club gmails and our news pages for details of these.