May Day - Cruising and RS Sailing Day

Bank Holiday – cruising and RS Sailing event

Top temperature for cruising/ RS Sailing day

A very big thank you to everyone from RS Sailing and Staunton’s Grahame Newton for putting on a great event on the May Day Bank Holiday.

Sadly whilst sailors came, and the sun was out, the wind chose to play hide and seek. Nonetheless everyone who came had a great day. The day was dedicated to cruising, paddle boarding and sampling from the range of RS dinghies that RS Sailing’s Steve Wilson had kindly brought along.

May Day - Cruising and RS Sailing Day May Day - Cruising and RS Sailing DayMay Day - Cruising and RS Sailing Day

We had hoped to run a series of STIG laps round all the marks at the club. But, the lack of wind made this impossible. However, spirits were high and sailors still took to the water. Whilst for many it was an exercise in floating, the wind did put in an occasional appearance. 



RS sampling popular

The range of RS Sailing dinghies on hand during the day were in high demand. Sailors sampled one, two and for some sailors, all of the fleets on show during the day. 

BBQ and sunshine

The day took on a holiday atmosphere with the BBQ being lit, and people sitting back and enjoying the sunshine.  Smiles and laughter were the order of the day and the holiday atmosphere ensured a thoroughly enjoyable event for everyone!

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