Bart’s Bash – Sunday 11th September – Let’s Bash It!

Bart’s Bash – Sunday 11th September at 1:30 p.m.

Please join us for the World’s largest sailing race on Sunday 11th September. The race will start at 1:30 p.m. and will be sailed in conjunction with the Sunday Series.

Come along and join in and you’ll be joining sailors from more than 1062 venues in 63 different countries across the globe!

What is Bart’s Bash?

Bart’s Bash was inspired by the memory of Olympic Gold and Silver medallist Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson MBE, a man who was passionate about encouraging and helping others fulfil their aims. Bart’s Bash was created to honour his memory and values, uniting sailing venues across the world to enable and motivate the next generation of sailors.

Since its inception, the Bash has successfully raised funds for the ASF which in turn has helped a huge number of sailing projects across the world. This mass participation event has so far attracted over 60,000+ participants across more than 847 sailing venues in 80+ countries worldwide. As well as encouraging participation this raises essential funds to enable the Foundation to deliver on its key charitable activities:
– Manage, organise and deliver Bart’s Bash – the world’s largest mass-participation sailing event
– Carry out ground-breaking research into the benefits of regular sailing participation
– Deliver seven community sailing programmes across four sailing and watersports centres, breaking down barriers to participation.
– Train Volunteer Coaches and Instructors.
– Provide practical assistance and small grants to other likeminded, not-for-profit sailing organisations.

To find out more about Bart’s Bash please click here.

Transform lives through sailing

All monies raised will help to transform people’s lives through sailing. You can either enter directly through the Bart’s Bash website, or, donate on the day at the club and we will send in a bulk donation – there will be forms at the club so that your donation is registered.  Please bring along some change for our collection on the day. The hire fleet is available for all our members. It includes a range of single and double handers. So, if you haven’t yet got a boat, please check out our boat hire information and book a boat. And, please remember to sign on digitally before you come to the club.

Come along and have some fun

Whether you normally sail or not on a Sunday please come along and join in the fun. We look forward to seeing you on the water – Let’s Bash It!

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