Boat and SUP hire

Why not use boat hire to get you started?

Hire a Dinghy Today at SHSC

We are very lucky at Staunton Harold to have such a large fleet of club boats for members to hire. The Club currently offers 4 Laser standard and radials, a Comet, 4 Picos, 4 Toppers, 2 Teras and 8 Optibats as single-handers plus 2 RS Visions,  2 RS Fevas and 4 high Performance 2000s as double-handers.

These are also our training boats and if they are being used for organised training courses they will not be available for boat hire at these times. However there is almost always a boat available for you to sail.

Hire a SUP Today at SHSC

Newly arrived at Staunton Harold we have 6 brand new SUPs for members to hire. The Club currently offers half-day or evening hire for £10. You must have some SUP experience and have been given an informal SHSC induction before hiring. Contact for more information.

These are also our training SUPs and if they are being used for organised training courses they will not be available for hire at these times. However there is almost always a SUP available for you to use.

How it Works

We need to make a charge to people opting for boat and SUP hire so that we can afford to maintain them to the standard you expect. Some of our boats are newer / in better condition than others and this is reflected in these charges.

In order to hire a boat/SUP you need to:
Be a member of SHSC
Have successfully completed an RYA level 2 course or have SUP experience and induction.
Agree to take good care of the equipment, leaving it as you would hope to find it with the cover on and the sails and foils put away and to report any damage to the dinghy bosun as soon as possible.

Please report any damage to the hire boats by contacting the or calling Nigel on 07979344641 who will make sure that the boats are fixed quickly ready for hiring again

You can now make a boat/SUP hire booking online by clicking one of the buttons above.

You can check availability and book and pay online in advance to avoid disappointment.

During the current Covid risk time demands on hire boats are high. We may be able to suggest links with a member who has single handed dinghy that they are happy to loan. If interested please contact Nigel or Di Pepperdine for further info

Boat Hire Fees

BoatEvening Day
RS Tera1015
RS Vision1015
RS Feva1015
Laser 20001520
SUP1010 (half day)


In 2019 we introduced the option to pay an annual UNLIMITED hire charge. A great option if you haven’t yet purchased a dinghy or need an option for other family members. To be eligible you should be able to sail to level 2 standard.

This means that you can book a slot online through our website at any time. No further payment would be required.
Please note that certain boats may be unavailable when the dinghies are in use for training courses.

The annual cost is £150 pa for any standard dinghy hire, £250 pa if including the performance 2000 dinghies and only £80 pa if limited to toppers/optibats or £120 for all junior boats including the Optibats, Toppers, RS Teras and the RS Fevas. 
If you join the scheme after August it’s Half price!
For more details and to purchase this option follow this link – UNLIMITED BOAT HIRE

Maintenance of Club Boats

Minor problems can be fixed using the equipment provided in the blue container – ropes, shackles etc. Please talk to a committee member of instructor to access spare equipment.

Please report larger problems with the club boats to Nigel Pepperdine ( ). There is a maintenance logbook in the front part of the green container to log larger problems as well.

Please remember – the more that gets reported, the more that gets fixed!