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Mk 1 Miracle Dinghy:  “It’s a Miracle!”   Sail No: 741

Mk 1 Miracle Dinghy:  “It’s a Miracle!”   Sail No: 741

Built by Bell Woodworking  – Completed build date 22/09/1976

£1,500 Either by BACS or Cash – Contact Kate: 07739 755470 or email: – PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS

Total Length (Including Combi Trailer) – 15’ Long and 5 ½’ Wide

Miracle has been fitted for racing and both the original sails and the hull have been officially measured according to Miracle Class Association Rules. – Measured by Ian Kelly.

Comes with:

  • Snipe Combi Trailer – Includes NEW Wheels and recently refurbished bearings!
    • Trailing Cover
    • May have Hull Undercover (if I can find it!)
  • Original Jack Holt – Bell Woodworking wooden Hull – (Modified with Transom Flaps)
  • Original Jack Holt Sails – including battens
  • Original Jack Holt Boom
  • Speed Sails Racing Mast – including Spreaders, new sheeting and stays
  • New Sheeting for Sails
  • New Mast Flag
  • New Spinnaker Chute – inbult into the decking
  • Cut Down GP14 Spinnaker
  • Jolly Roger Spinnaker especially made for the Miracle!
  • Original Centreboard
  • Original Rudder, Rudder Stock and tiller
  • Blue Tiller – short and long extensions
  • New Sheeting for spars and rudder stock
  • New Toe Straps
  • Original Building Instructions and photos of the boat prior to repair and restoration work.


Originally boat was stored up at a sailing club in Staffordshire prior to my ownership.  The boat had been entirely neglected. There were 4 holes in the bottom of her hull and all decks had been scorched by the sun, the varnish had lifted and the decks were peeling away from the hull in places.

I spent time and effort removing the decking and found that the exterior needed complete replacement.  The internal “frame’ of the boat was strong and still is strong.

At the time Bell Woodworking had renamed and became Widebeam.  I contacted them, and purchased the necessary panels to replace the existing damaged ones; one house move later and the loss of my “dry dock” and workshop……She had nowhere to stay that was dry!

I was introduced to Ian Kelly, who also happened to be an official Miracle Class Association measurer.  I enlisted Ian for his help.  He rebuilt her.  The decks were replaced with gorgeous Sapele ones and a very ornate obeche strip was inlayed into the decks and also the side decking area has an obeche “grab rail”.  Ian also modified and strengthened the centre bulkhead to allow the boat to take the extra forces applied from the mast.