Peter: Charles Commodore &Buckley

Commodore & Buckley – great racing!

Commodore & Buckley, 28 boats make for great racing 

Sunday 21st October, saw the club’s annual Commodore & Buckley Cup events. Despite the low water levels, fine sailing weather and an excellent course (thank you to Howard) made for a great day on the water.

There were three races over the day with two to count. Boats competed as follows:-

Boats with a PY of 1100 or lower compete for the Commodore Trophy.

Boats with a PY of greater than 1100 compete for the Buckley Trophy.

And the winners were …

Buckley Fleet

Peter Nugent/ Charles Saunders (GP14) took first place, second went to Dee Fleming/ Katie (Mirror),  third Tim Gray (Solo) and fourth Chris Biglin (Solo).  Twelve boats took part in the Buckley Fleet with seven different classes represented. 

Peter: Charles Commodore &Buckley Dee & Thomas, Commodore & Buckley Tim Gray, Commodore & Buckley Chris Biglin Commodore & Buckley

Commodore Fleet

Grahame Newton (Laser) took first place, second went to Sam Jones (Laser), third Lol Hayward/ Wendy Gray (RS200) and fourth Daren Fasey/ Colin Davis (Fireball). Sixteen boats took part in the Commodore Fleet with five different classes represented.

Grahame Newton, Commodore & Buckley Sam Jones Commodore & Bucklye Lol: Wendy Commodore & Buckley Darren: Colin Commodore & Buckley
Youth Trophy

Congratulations to our Youth Trophy winner – Thomas (Optimist).

Thomas Commodore & Buckley


Thank you to everyone who took part on and off the water to make this another great annual event.

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