SHSC Club Charity

Please support our Club Charity by donating and attending nominated sailing and social events

Prostrate Cancer UK

This year, the members have chosen Prostrate Cancer UK to be our designated Club Charity. We hope that there will be more opportunity to raise finds over 2022

prostate cancer uk

Spot fast-growing cancers early

“Prostate Cancer UK’s top priority is funding research to stop prostate cancer killing men. We’re investing millions to find better treatments and better tests that can spot fast-growing cancers early, and could be used in a screening programme to save thousands of lives.”

Fantastic Support

A number of our members and their families have benefited from the support of this organisation in recent years and it is great to be able to give the charity our support for 2021 and 2022 and help them search for more effective treatments for what has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK 

If you wish to get involved with raising money for Prostrate Cancer UK, please contact any committee member.

There will be a couple of collection tins on the bar, ready for any loose change you can spare. If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact any member of the committee.