You can’t beat a hot mug of tea and a tasty lunch when you come off the water

Summer Shindig - hog roast 2018


"Stay calm and remember keep it simple."

Our sailors really appreciate a warm drink and some hot food when they come off the water so your help is met with grateful smiles.


We would suggest a visit to the galley to check supplies in advance of your duty. Please remember to follow the health and safety guidance displayed and complete the daily galley duty sheets whilst remembering to label any opened foods

1.We usually provide Sunday lunch followed by afternoon snacks between races.  Menu guides are optional. You do not need to provide a complicated hot meal. Sandwiches/rolls /soup or Jacket Potatoes are perfect. REMEMBER allow 30 minutes for the oven to warm up. Allows 2 hours for cooking jacket potatoes.

2 We are asked on a number of occasions how many to cater for:

For a Sunday please buy 8 pints of milk,  long life cake (or homemade) plus your ‘menu’ shopping. There are usually butter and sauces in the fridge with dry ingredients in the pantry

On Sundays there are normally up to about 40 people sailing, however please contact the OOD to check if the are any events that could increase the numbers.

Remember some members prefer to bring their own picnic.

3 Please have Sunday food ready to be served for 12.15. (Check with OOD)

4 If you make a hot meat, I would suggest only making up about 12 Rolls. Note the oven takes longer to cook than a domestic oven.

5 No matter what, it is always a gamble with the weather and therefore numbers, please do not worry if you have surplus food left over. If it can be kept bag & label it and please could you either email or phone Galley Manager and advise what is left, then it can be used the following week. Or if it will go out of date or is already made up, sell it off at the bar area at the end of the day with an honesty pot.

6 Please enjoy your time in the galley as it’s a great way to get to know everyone!

7 If you want any advise please contact Galley Manager: Jen Marriott details below


Mobile: 07817268692