Lord Birkett - Go Staunton!

Good Luck to Staunton sailors taking part in the 60th Anniversary Lord Birkett this weekend!

A big cheer to all of our sailors taking part in the Lord Birkett Memorial Trophy at Ullswater Yacht Club event this weekend. Have an amazing weekend!

Past Staunton success at the Lord Birkett

Staunton sailors have a rich history sailing in this incredible event:-
  • In 2019 a trio of Staunton sailors took the top prize in a National 18 (Peter Gray, Simon Forbes and Sam Jones). Sam Jones will be back this year in an RS400 with fellow Staunton sailor Corey Newton.
  • Grahame Newton and Rachael Rhodes took seventh spot overall in 2019 in a Scorpion. Previously in 2018 Grahame sailed with Mark Stevens (Fireball) and came 4th overall, and first in the Fireball fleet in 2018. This year Grahame will be teaming up with Grahame Smith in an RS400. (Grahame Smith took 173rd in an RS400 in 2019 with fellow Staunton sailor Henry Barnes).
  • Daren Fasey and Colin Davis (Fireball), came 57th overall and 2nd in the Fireball fleet in 2019. The previous year they finished eighth overall, and 2nd in the Fireball fleet. Whilst in 2017 they took the top spot in the Fireball fleet and were 16th overall.
  • Nathan Smith and Richard Barnett (2000), came 95th overall, and 2nd in the 2000 fleet in 2018, in 2019 the duo came 177th overall, this year they will form part of the Staunton RS400 fleet.
  • Terry Forbes and Aileen Barnett (2000) came 72nd overall and 1st in the 2000 fleet in 2019 and 11th overall, and 3rd in the 2000 fleet in 2018 and are back in a 2000 this year.
  • Nigel / Di Pepperdine who came 15th overall in an (RS200) (and 2nd in the RS200 fleet in 2019.
  • Russ Coggrave and Lucy Mallory (RS200), came 114th overall, and 10th in the RS200 fleet in 2018 and are back in an RS200 this year.
  • Nick Kindon and Paul Munro (RS400), came 115th, overall and 17th, in the RS400 fleet in 2018 and 126th overall in 2019. Paul will be sailing in an RS200 this year with Lynne Munro (who came 41st overall sailing in an RS200 with fellow Staunton sailor Lol Hayward in 2019).
  • This year father son duo Des and Matt Luxton will be taking part in an RS200.
  • In 2019 Staunton Harold Sailing Club also won the Dalemain Trophy (awarded to the visiting club with the most entries)
(Apologies if I have missed any of the amazing results gained by Staunton sailors competing this year who have previously entered over the last few years).

Lord Birkett Memorial Trophy

The Lord Birkett Memorial Trophy is an annual event, traditionally held on the first weekend in July. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the race.
The race see’s sailors race down Ullswater lake, a distance of about seven miles. They continue past Kailpot Crag and the plaque to the memory of Lord Birkett, round an island at the southern end, and back up the lake to Ullswater Yacht Club. Sailors then repeat the race on the Sunday. The race was established in 1963, in memory of Lord Norman Birkett, who successfully defended the right of public access to Ullswater.

Go Staunton!

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