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How to Join or Renew your Membership

2022 Membership

Membership Categories and fees for 2022

Membership falls into several categories to suit individual requirements.

Family (Husband & Wife or Partner & Children under 18 on 1 Jan 2022)
Joint (Please state whether partner is non-sailing)
Individual (Adult over 21 on Jan 1st 2022)
Student (18 – 20 or 18 – 24 in full time education on Jan 1st 2022 )
Cadet (Under 18 on Jan 1st 2022 and parents not members) *must have supporter£77.00
Sailability Adult (subject to recommendation by SH Sailability Trust)
Sailability Junior (subject to recommendation by SH Sailability Trust)
Supporter (Non-sailor, no duties) *Cadet members must have a supporter
Stand-up-Paddleboard SUP only individual/joint (1 duty per person)
SUP storage (container)£46.00
Craft Registration (each Boat)
Or if second craft is a sailboard Or locked Trailer

If you are a NEW MEMBER joining SHSC partway through the year the following discount off the full membership fee will apply:

  • after 1st June – 25% discount off fee payable… This will be deducted from your GoCardless Direct Debit payment
  • after 1st August – 50% discount off fee payable… This will be deducted from your GoCardless Direct Debit payment
  • after 1st November – fees are as normal and include membership for the whole of the following year.
  • Please note that the fees shown above are the full annual fees and any discounts will be deducted when you complete the payment.

Easy Payment - Annual D/D - Monthly D/D

Membership application and renewal can be done online using the link below. Payment is by GoCardless Direct Debit with a choice of annual or monthly  payment. Find out more about GoCardless by clicking the link

Annual D/D payment
If you choose annual there is a 5% discount for direct debit payment before Feb 28th. You can sign up now but payment for your annual membership fee will not be taken until the end of February. 

Monthly D/D payment (only available until 31st January)
If you choose monthly there is no 5% annual D/D discount but your fee is split into 12 monthly installments and the first direct debit payment must be in January. It is possible to choose monthly direct debit up until 31st January. By choosing monthly D/D the member is committing to paying their annual membership over twelve months with no option to cancel early.  In the event of early cancellation the Club can charge the member what they owe plus an admin fee or a re-joining fee of £140 if the person wants to re-join within 12 months, or may decline the option to pay monthly in future.

It is a condition of membership that all members perform at least three duties per year. These cover Officer of the Day, Assistant Officer of the Day, Safety boat helm/crew and Galley. Duties are assigned based on experience so the lesser experienced members are not expected to run races. Please note that from 2022 Wednesday and Friday evening duties count as half a duty whilst Saturday and Sunday duties count as a whole duty

Manage Your Account details password protected

You can login to your membership account and check your details anytime. You should create a password when you join but if you forget just choose forgotten password. Make any amendments to your membership or additions and then save. If any payment is required the Club will add this to your D/D and email confirmation. Remember you can manage your account at any time.

Your Membership will Auto-Renew on January 1st

Your membership is set to automatically renew each year based on your current membership type, registered craft and other add-on purchases. You can login to your membership account and check your details anytime. You can cancel auto-renew or change membership type, craft or manage add-ons. Please make sure your requirements are up to date at the year end so that we can process your renewal efficiently.

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We offer a range of memberships and easy monthly or annual payment form just over £4 per week for a full individual adult