Join/Renew Guidance

This is what you will encounter when you click renew or join

Guidance Notes on renewal

These notes and screenshots describe the process of renewal.

My Memberships

This is the first screen you get to when you follow the invitation to renew.

First thing to do is change your password….


My Account

Click the My Account in the top right of the screen then change your password.

My Membership Details

Next click on Edit/Renew to view your current details. If you are joining for the first time click the New Membership button. If renewing check carefully all your details in each box and amend or add if necessary. If joining for the first time enter your details in each section as fully as you can.

Submit Membership

Here you need to agree to the terms and confirm your renewal or membership application.

Direct Debit Setup

This is where you setup your direct debit payment. Check that the membership type is correct and then enter your bank details and email address. Click Setup Direct Debit. You will receive an email confirming your membership  and your GoCardless direct debit payment.