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Complete your Membership Application or Renewal here

Step 1. Start your membership application or renewal form by clicking the link below

Step 2. Enter your details as prompted 

Step 3. Choose the best membership category for you.

Step 4. Select any optional extras like boat park spaces

Step 5. Complete all declarations.

Step 6. When you submit your application you will be taken to payment for your membership fee. You can choose to pay with a single direct debit payment (5% discount) or by 12 monthly payments. The annual payment will be taken at the end of February but the monthly payment option will start in January. The simple GoCardless direct debit form takes a few seconds to complete. (For more information see the GoCardless page)

Step 7. Your optional extras such as boat park fee will be taken by GoCardless direct debit once the membership secretary has processed your application

Don’t forget you get discount if you pay by annual direct debit before Feb 15th!
Takes 7 working days to process payment

If you want to pay monthly you need to submit your GoCardless payment by January 15th
Takes 7 working days to process the first payment

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