‘Ripping’ time for Staunton youth sailors in 420 Autumn Champs

420 Autumn Champs at Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Staunton sailors take to the sea in the 420 Autumn Champs at Royal Lymington Yacht Club on 22/23rd September. Staunton’s Ellie Rush crewing for Ellie Byne and Chloe Felton helming with crew Becky Cropley,  finished 16th and 22nd respectively over all. Multiple weather fronts, rain for a solid 12 hours and the addition of tide to consider made for a weekend of challenging conditions! A great race team still managed to get 6 races in – well done. For sailors plenty of capsizes and a host of damage were all part of the weekend!420 Autumn Champs

The first race was underway fairly promptly despite light wind, but got abandoned. The wind continued to clock round to the left until it finally became stable and they got a successful race in shortly after lunch. The other scheduled races were completed, but there wasn’t time to get in the 5th race as hoped. The two Ellie’s secured a top 10 finish and a top 20 finish on day one. Meanwhile Chloe/ Becky finished the day in 21st with 2 top 20 results. 

Day two

The forecast for Sunday had looked iffy all week. By Saturday conditions looked virtually un-sailable. In the end, the fleet launched pretty much on time with the torrential rain stopping as they launched. It was, however, seriously gusty! Chloe and Becky were 13th around the first windward mark, and were holding on until they capsized towards the end of the race and had to retire. Despite essentially losing their spinnaker, they raced well in the final race to be 17th round mark 1, before their trapeze wire broke. Following as quick a repair as possible they continued racing but not before losing a lot of ground. They were positive when they came ashore though – the damage could have been a lot worse! At least they had a boat intact and a straight mast unlike some others….

Full results

To read the full race report and for all the results please click here.

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