series and cups

A list of racing series and special cup events at Staunton Harold S.C.

Nigel Fern - winner Autumn Saturday Handicap

Busy Racing Calendar

With over 10 series and 8 special cup events the Staunton Harold racing calendar is packed with 100s of races. Here are the dates and times.

2024 Series

Spring Sunday Morning Sun 3 March to Sun 28 April 2024 11:30am
Spring Sunday Handicap Sun 3 March to Sun 28 April 2024 1:30pm
Spring A Saturday HandicapSat 23 March to Sat 18 May 20242.00 pm
Wednesday (a) Wed 3 April to Wed 15 May 2024 6:30/ 7:00pm
Summer B Sat HandicapSat 25 May to Sat 3 Aug 20242:00pm
Early Summer Sunday Morning HandicapSun 5 May to Sun 7 July 202411:30am
Early Summer Sunday HandicapSun 5 May to Sun 14 July 20241:30 pm
Wednesday (b) Wed 22 May to Wed 10 July 20247:00pm
Wednesday (c)
Wed 17 July to Wed 11 Sept 20247:00/6:30 pm
Late Summer Sunday Handicap (all day no morning series)Sun 21 July to Sun 25th Aug 2024see calendar 11:30 am or 1:30 pm
Late Summer C Sat HandicapSat 10 Aug to Sat 12Oct 20242:00pm
Wednesday Sunset Series18 Sept to 16 Oct 2024 Wed start times vary see calendar
Autumn Sunday Morning HandicapSun 1 Sept to 13 Oct 202411:30 am
Autumn Sunday HandicapSun 1 Sept to 20 Oct 20241:30 pm
Frostbite Sun 3 Nov to Sun 22 Dec 202411:30am

2024 Cup Events

CupDate(s)Start Time
Staunton & Melbourne Sun 12 May 2024 11:30am
Anniversary Cup Sun 16th June 2024 11:30am
Memorial Cup Wed 19th June 2024 7:00pm
Youth & Junior Championships tbc 14:00
Regatta Fun EventSat 29th June 202414.00
Club Championships Sun 30th June 2024 11:30am
Barts Bash Sun 15th Sep 20241:30pm
Commodore & Buckley Sun 27th Oct 2024 11:30am
Boxing Day Bash Thurs 26 Dec 2024 11:30am