series and cups

A list of racing series and special cup events at Staunton Harold S.C.

Nigel Fern - winner Autumn Saturday Handicap

Busy Racing Calendar

With over 10 series and 8 special cup events the Staunton Harold racing calendar is packed with 100s of races. Here are the dates and times.

2023 Series

Spring Sunday Morning Sun 26 Feb to Sun 30 April 2023 11:30am
Spring Sunday Handicap Sun 26 Feb to Sun 30 April 2023 1:30pm
Spring A Saturday HandicapSat 25 March to Sat 27 May 20232.00 pm
Wednesday (a) Wed 29 March to Wed 17 May 2023 6:30/ 7:00pm
Summer B Sat HandicapSat 3 June to Sat 5 Aug 20232:00pm
Early Summer Sunday Morning HandicapSun 14 May to Sun 2 July 202211:30am
Early Summer Sunday HandicapSun 14 May to Sun 16 July 20231:30 pm
Wednesday (b) Wed 24 May to Wed 12 July 20237:00pm
Wednesday (c)
Wed 19 July to Wed 6Sept 20237:00/6:30 pm
Late Summer Sunday Handicap (all day no morning series)Sun 23 July to Sun 27th Aug 2023see calendar 11:30 am or 1:30 pm
Late Summer C Sat HandicapSat 12 Aug to Sat 7 Oct 20232:00pm
Wednesday Sunset SeriesTBC Wed start times vary see calendar
Autumn Sunday Morning HandicapSun 3 Sept to 15 Oct 202311:30 am
Autumn Sunday HandicapSun 3 Sept to 22 Oct 20231:30 pm
Frostbite Sun 5 Nov to Sun 17 Dec 202311:30am

2023 Cup Events

CupDate(s)Start Time
Staunton & Melbourne Sun 14 May 2023 11:30am
Anniversary Cup Sun 18th June 2023 11:30am
Memorial Cup Wed 21st June 2023 7:00pm
Youth & Junior Championships tbc 14:00
Regatta Fun EventSat 8th July 202314.00
Club Championships Sun 9th Jul 2023 11:30am
Barts Bash Sun 10th Sep 20231:30pm
Commodore & Buckley Sun 29th Oct 2023 11:30am
Boxing Day Bash Mon 26 Dec 2023 11:30am