Shout Out

Shout out for all our travelling Championship sailors

Fantastic sailing from Staunton sailors at Championship events – going on now!

To Staunton sailors up and down the country who are taking part in Fleet Championships – Gul Scorpion Nationals at Tenby SC, Simon Forbes 2018 Gul Scorpion NationalsMiracle National Championships at Bala Sc and the Volvo Gill Optimist British National & Open Championships at Plas Heli, Pwllheli Good Luck. Have a fantastic last day of racing today! 

We’re all behind you here at the club and loving following the racing across fleets. Go Staunton! So far going into the final day of racing we have Staunton sailors with first and second overall (Simon Forbes crewing for Alan Krailing, Peter Gray helming with ) and first in the Silver Fleet (Rachael Rhodes/Hannah Edge) so far in the Scorpion Nationals. A third place so far in the Miracle Nationals (Graham Watts/Helen Jacks) and a great showing in the Optimist Nationals (Thomas Kelsall). 

To read the latest on each of these events please go to:

2018 Gul Scorpion Nationals

2018 Miracle Nationals

2018 Volvo Gill Optimist British National & Open Championships

Gul GP14 World Championships 

2018 Gul GP14 WorldsThese championships follows hot on the heels of the Gul GP14 World Championships which saw Staunton Sailors – Peter Gray and Richard Pepperdine finish first in the Gold Fleet, (and eighth position overall). Plus three further boats taking part. With 120 boats taking part from across the World, some fantastic results for Staunton sailors.



Good luck today to Staunton sailors fly the flagging for the club across the country! 

Have an amazing day out on the water today to all our sailors! And of course to everyone else taking part in the Championship events! Enjoy!


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