Solo Trial Sail

Try this popular single hander free for half a day

NCSA demo Solo – book a trial sail – members only

Tim Gray – captain of the Solo Fleet has secured a pristine brand new 2022, demo Solo for would-be Solo sailors keen to give the boat a try. So what are you waiting for! Note that the demo boat is only available to trial for fully paid up Staunton Harold Sailing Club members with sailing experience (RYA level 2).

Why a Solo?

We have a burgeoning Solo fleet – with 10 boats already in the fleet. The Staunton fleet features elite sailors who regularly pick up trophies both at home and away and those who are relatively new to sailing. So yes there are some very competitive sailors out on the water. And, yes, you will be able to get advice on how to get the most out of your Solo, whether that’s set-up and tuning or the way you’re sailing it! The cockpit is deeper than a Laser, so where some Laser sailors have switched to an Aero, others have gone for a Solo. Set-up is not as simple as a Laser, but the fully battened sail gives some distinct advantages. Staunton’s Rachael Gray put the Demo Solo through its paces just a few months ago. Please click here to see how the boat performed, plus footage of a walk-around the boat.

Where has the Solo come from?

The Solo is on loan from the National Solo Class Association (NSCA). The Association bought the Class Demo boat in 2022 to help encourage sailors from other fleets to try the Solo. And, to then hopefully go on to purchase their own boats and join the Solo fleet.


The NSCA is very interested in each sailor’s feedback. So, as part of every trial sail, sailors will be asked to provide feedback of their experience to Tim Gray. The National Solo Class Association will use your trial sail feedback to follow-up on sailors who are interested in buying their own boat, and where they plan to sail it. This way the NSCA can  ensure that their Solo fleet gets the maximum support and encouragement.

How do you book out the boat?

The boat will be housed at the club and is available for fully paid up club members to try. Trials will only be available during normal sailing times (Wed/Fri from 6pm, Sat from 2pm and Sun from 11.30) and after completing a booking form.

To book the NCSA Demo Solo please click the button below and print off the booking form. Please ensure that you fill in the form completely – note the small print including returning the boat in pristine condition. Email your completed form to Tim Gray.requesting your trial sail with your preferred date and time. Tim will confirm your booking.
If you have had an incident, this includes scratching the rudder or centre board please contact Tim Gray immediately.

Before you Sail

To get the most out of your trial sail we recommend you check out some of the following links:-

  • Solo youtube channel. Featuring a host of videos – from guides to some great racing footage
  • NSCA website. With everything you might want to know about the fleet. And my favourite part of the website:-
  • Tuning guides – how to get the most from your sail in different wind conditions, from controls, to body position. With special go fast tips!

Enjoy your trial sail!

The Small Print

The boat is provided in ‘as new’ condition, and it becomes your responsibility to return it in the same condition, namely:

    • No scratches, chips, sail damage, breakages of any nature.
    • Sail carefully rolled and placed in its sail bag.
    • Under and over covers fitted and secured, rudder, mast and boom in protective bags provided.
    • Tied down ready for transport to next location, or if staying at current location, tied down to the appropriate anchoring point.
    • Any damage which may occur must be notified at the first opportunity to the NSCA Demo Boat Coordinator, or, if unavailable to a member of the NSCA Committee. 07812766534

The boat is covered by insurance via Noble Marine Insurance, however there is an excess of £100 on the policy. You will be liable to pay any excess on any claim. You will also be required to complete a claim form, and to arrange with a suitable professional repairer for any works to be completed. Under no circumstances should amateur repairs be undertaken.