Staunton & Melbourne Cups

Staunton and Melbourne winners!

It was Costa del Staunton for all of our sailors, supporters and SUP’ers at Staunton Harold on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who joined us both on the water and in the bar/ on the lawns for the celebrations afterwards.

Whilst the sun and fantastic temperatures were fairly consistent throughout the day, the wind was not. Beats switched through all points of sail, and we all ‘enjoyed’ sailing second by second from puffs to gusts to lulls. Gray/ Mark becalmed at a mark whilst Stuart/ Mike shot past them with ease in their own puff of wind seemed to be fairly typical across the course for all sailors. So an interesting sail for one and all (and lets not mention the mud retrieval that was going on at 7!). With 30 boats on the water, split evenly between the Staunton Fleet and Melbourne Fleet it was a great day of both competitive and  fun sailing for one and all.

Winners of the Staunton Cup

Congratulations to our winners of the Staunton Cup – Becky/ Ella in their Mirror with three bullets (two to count).

Second went to MJ in his Solo with a second and third to count.

Third placed was Alan in his Comet with a fourth and a second to count.

Winners of the Melbourne Cup

Melbourne winnersCongratulations to our winners of the Melbourne Cup – Lol/ Ann (RS200) with second and a first to count.

Mark (ILCA 7) came second also with a second and a first to count – losing out on a tie thanks to count back.

Andy (ILCA 7) who came third with a first and a third to count.

Junior Winners

Junior winnersCongratulations also go to our first and second prize winners:

Laurie (Topper) – first placed Junior.

Hugo RS TERA PRO) – second placed Junior.

For the full race results

For the full race results please click here.

Thank you to Nick OOD for the day supported by Arthur and Leonie and our safety teams – Dave, Ian, Mark, Becky. And also to our galley team Dallas and Amy for the excellent food.

Photos courtesy of Andy Foskett/ Ann Nugent

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