Lymington Regatta with Scorpion Open

Staunton Scorpion sailors win first, second and fifth at Lymington Dinghy Regatta

Staunton sailors Tom Gillard and Rachael Gray give a ‘masterclass in strong wind sailing’ to win the Silver Scorpion Travellers Series at the Lymington Dinghy Regatta last weekend!
A clean sweep of 5 bullets to count saw them take the top spot against 18 other Scorpions.
The Staunton boat of Peter Gray and Rich Pepperdine with four 2nds and a 3rd to count were hot on their heels finishing with a second overall. The fiftth Staunton sailor John Tailby came fifth overall with a 2nd and 3rd as his top results.
Huge congratulations to our Staunton sailors!
To read the full race report please click here.

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