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2023 has seen many new paddleboard members. We hope to build a keen and active paddleboard section, and as our paddleboard membership grows we plan to offer more structured paddleboarding activities. These will include both social and paddling activities/events. I hope that our paddleboard members will guide the development of the programme we offer at the club. As such, if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see happening at the club, please let me know so that we can start building a plan to meet the wishes of the members.
We have a members only SUP WhatsApp group that can be used to stay in contact with other paddling members, arrange group paddles, share information etc. You can join the group using this link:

Got a Question?...

I’m Greg, the paddleboard lead and chief paddleboard coach for the club (currently the only paddleboard coach!). If you have any questions about anything paddleboard related or just about the club in general please just ask, and if I can’t answer I will direct you to someone that can.

Your Membership Includes...

"Join in the many on and off water activities."

Your membership of the club gives you full access to the clubhouse and use the water whenever there is rostered safety and to all our club social activities.  Please join in social events and activities when you can. You will find the sailing club to be friendly and welcoming both on and off the water.
As a Club member we ask all paddleboard members to help the running of the Club by doing 1 duty per year . you can select your duty based on preference/skills. Plenty of support on offer. More info

There is plenty of opportunity to paddle independently but other options include:

1, Saturday afternoon group social paddle. In 2023 combined with fitness sessions

2, Improver coaching-on 2023 on selected Sunday mornings

3. Parent and child sessions/tuition by arrangement

4. Paddle board Stay Safe on the Water  Courses

5. Why not train to be a paddle board instructor and help grow the sport?



Fancy learning to Paddleboard?

We offer a intro course £45 including board hire: 3 hours taking you from basics This is a must if you wish to hire club paddleboards and is designed for absolute beginners Next course tbc

Additionally you may prefer a £75 for a full day course (7Hours) including further skills Let us know if you are interested

Improver coaching courses

These activities will be posted on our WhatsApp group. Please contact us at  directly with your ideas and requests


There are a few key things to that all paddleboarders should be aware of before you go out on the water at Staunton Harold reservoir:

1, Please abide by the club rules. 

2, Please read and follow our Club Paddleboard Rules. Key points to be aware of from this:

  • Only go out when there is safety boat cover on the water (indicated by a green flag, yellow flag means training event or an open meeting when the water is closed for general use, red closed water). See online events calendar.

  • Be aware of “no go” areas such as the dam, tower, and nature reserve and only launch and land on club frontage.

  • Do not go out in conditions beyond your ability.

3, Please ensure you have appropriate 3rd party/public liability insurance in place for all craft you take out on the reservoir. 

4, All members must “sign on” before visiting the club. Sign on through the club website:

5, Club boards must be booked and hire fees paid in advance before taking them onto the water. You can pay for an annual hire or PAYG To use club boards, you must have completed our club induction (see below). 

If you are a competent paddleboard member, I would like  you (and any other family members that will be paddling as part of a family/joint membership) to book in for our paddleboard induction.  Please contact the paddleboard team to arrange an induction session at

If you do not already paddle, it is best to book one of our beginners