SUP - stand up paddleboarding

This new exciting sport is really taking off 

new at staunton harold

This new membership category gets you on the water with this healthy new sport. Get fit and have fun. Tuition available. Join us now!
We now have a dry SUP storage container available at the club.

What is SUP?

Stand up paddling in one form or another has been around for thousands of years. SUP has roots spanning millennia and continents. Modern SUP surfing almost certainly began in the mid 20th century in Hawaii. SUP as we know it today has only really boomed in popularity and diversified as a sport over
the last 20 years. The essence of SUP is to stand (or kneel) on a buoyant board, using a single bladed paddle as a means of propulsion and control. In a very short period of time, participation in SUP has grown exponentially, and the sport has spread out from the surf zones to incorporate a range of sub-disciplines.
Today’s SUP boards are being used for leisure, fitness, racing, touring, polo, surfing, yoga, downwind, white water, foiling and wind-SUP. Whilst most SUP paddling is still done with one person on a board, tandem and multi-rider boards are also becoming more common.

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