Annual General Meeting – 25th November


Thank you to all of you who joined us after sailing on Sunday 25th November for our annual AGM. Our Commodore Elaine Penhaul started the meeting with an overview of 2018. This was followed by an announcement and thank you to those club officers and committee members stepping down. Full details on this below. Nominations and the adoption of the club’s officers and committee members for 2019  followed. With new Commodore, Vice Commodore, RC Sailing, Bosun and Youth Liaison all welcomed. Again full details below. Fleet captains and outline plans for 2019 then formed the next part of the meeting. 

Highlights from 2018 included: member achievements (championship, national, overseas, world and many more sailing events), the well deserved RYA Volunteer Awards for Nick Waters and Poppy Smith, Brett Cokayne’s Invictus Games experience, our new website which was launched at the beginning of 2018, key club events both on and off the water, club expenditure and accounts and much more. Looking ahead to 2019 plans for the year ahead were raised including: the upcoming refurbishment and changes to the changing rooms – plans of which were on display; changes to the constitution and rules were raised and voted on; fleet captains were presented and lastly the date for the 2019 AGM – Sunday 24th November – set. To review the provisional AGM minutes please go to the members area of the website and click on minutes where the 2018 minutes are at the top of the list. 

Thank you and welcome to our outgoing and club officers and incoming committee members!

Firstly thank you

Thank you to Elaine Penhaul and Neill Clingan our outgoing Commodore and Vice Commodore respectively. Also to Lol Hayward – RC Sailing, Justin Goddard – Bosun, Nigel Fern – Bosun team and Poppy Smith – Youth Liaison. Who have now stepped down from the committee, after working club tirelessly for the club. We have all benefited from their vision leading the committee and directing the future of the club, ensuring racing excellence and maintaining kit in tip top condition respectively. A huge thank you for the endless hours of what we hope has been rewarding and satisfying work. You’ve certainly provided the membership with strong leadership and a lot of enjoyment both on and off the water. None of the outgoing team have gone far and you will still be able to see and enjoy sailing with them at the club.

A very big thank you to you all.

Secondly – welcome

Welcome to Howard Jones our new Commodore, Nigel Pepperdine who takes on the role of  Vice Commodore, Simon Foskett – RC Sailing, Charles Saunders -Bosun and Peter Nugent – Youth Liaison. Thank you for volunteering and stepping into these essential roles. To chat to any of our new club officers please visit our committee page and click on their details. This will then provide you with an email link. As with all of our committee members these officers are at the club regularly and will be pleased to catch up with you if you have any specific queries.

We look forward to their seamless move into their roles and a very rewarding time for them and the club as we move ahead. 




Howard Jones
Howard Jones, Commodore
Nigel Pepperdine
Nigel Pepperdine, Vice Commodore
Simon Foz
Simon Foskett, RC Sailing
Charles Saunders, Bosun
Peter Nugent
Peter Nugent, Youth Liaison


















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