Tripartite Cup/ Interclub Event

Staunton wins Tripartite Cup

Wow, what a great day for sailing at Sunday’s Interclub Event – 26th May. The Interclub is an annual event where sailors from Midlands Clubs’, Staunton Harold SC, Burton SC and Swarkeston SC to get together and spend a day racing. The honour of the Tripartite Cup is up for grabs with the scores from the top few boats from each club counting.

Great participation from all three clubs

This year saw some of the highest participation in the last few years – 8 boats from Burton Sailing Club, 6 boats from Swarkestone Sailing Club, 17 from Staunton and 20 different classes represented.

And the winners …

Grahame/ Mark winners of Interclub 2019

Staunton took the top spot with Grahame Newton/ Mark Stevens (Fireball) coming in first overall with two firsts to count. Burton Sailing Club’s Tim Bird/ Tom Hooton (505) Interclub - Tim Bird/ Tom Hooton Burton SCand Neil Rabbits (Laser) came second and third respectively. First junior was James, expertly crewing for Dad, Brett Cokayne. Please click for the full results.

Wind, rain and sun

Finally after weekends in the doldrums, Sunday heralded some great conditions for racing. Conditions weren’t easy with the wind going from full on to a complete lull, pouring rain to lots of sunshine, and for the sailors fantastic hiking and some unplanned swimming! This has to have been one of the most hotly contested Interclub events in a long time, with keen competitive racing up and down the fleet. Thank you to Rob Watson for stepping in and setting some superb races – also to his team both on and off the water. And of course a big thank you to everyone who took part – travellers and home boats alike.



Here’s to the next Interclub when Swarkestone SC will be hosting the event.


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