PY / Pursuit times 2022

Wednesday 25th May – Pursuit Racing starts

Please note that from this Wednesday, 25th May, our Wednesday Series B starts – pursuit racing.

Start time

Please check your dinghy class start time. Zero start time will be at 7:00 p.m. and your individual start time should be calculated using the ‘Pursuit Start Times 2022 – Great Lakes’ schedule.
Your  dinghy class start time is shown in minutes before or after the Mirror start of Zero on the schedule. Please note that the start times are also on display at the entrance to the club house.
The race finishes 75 mins after the mirror start, with the goal to pass as many of the dinghies in front of you before the final horn sounds!

When the finish horn sounds

Please remain in your race order at the final horn so that sail numbers and places can be logged.

Cruising and SUP

As always there is plenty of room for club members cruising and SUP’ing


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